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Introducing The SAFEZONE.AI Platform

The is subsidiary of Ameritech Global Inc, The Platform helps organizations, big or small, keep vigilance over Coronavirus suspects and zonal safety. By design, all the features serve your needs to have a surveillance mechanism that enables the safety of your workforce
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Our bodies have "baseline vital signs"- is the only Wellness Watch that checks and tracks blood oxygen levels, heartrate, breaths per minute, temperature, and blood pressure every 10 minutes.

In doing so, SafeZone's artificial intelligence algorithm establishes the consumer's baseline; the moment vitals shift significantly- an alert is sent to the consumer.  When we are fighting- or succumbing- to a virus (flu, COVID-19, common cold)- our vitals change, often before symptoms are even felt.

By seeing viral indicators early- consumers can be more proactive in early testing, social distancing/isolating and protecting those around them.

When offices, sports teams, classes and businesses all wear a SafeZone Wellness Watch, potential exposure risks can be shared in real time- helping people who may have been exposed determine if they should temporarily modify their normal activities.

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Serve your needs to have a surveillance mechanism that enables the safety of your workforce


Coorporate components that work together in reducing the virus spread rates

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