The Safestrap from was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of contact tracing specialists and beyond in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

contact tracing practices with the vast needs of the market, the Safestrap Watch is’s scalable answer to the healthcare industry’s need for a rapidly deployable solution.

Beyond that, the Safestrap Watch also helps companies, governments, and other organizations offer the same contact tracing and health monitoring benefits. A recent article in MIT Technology Review outlined five things needed to make contact tracing work, and the Safestrap watch from seems to meet all of the requirements outlined by field experts.

Here are five ways that’s Safestrap Watch is answering the call for efficient, effective, and rapidly scalable contact tracing solutions:

More Efficient Than Manual Tracing

Implementing a manual contact tracing solution requires an incredible expenditure of capital and human resources in training and building out a workable infrastructure to support contact tracers. All of this is condensed into one technological solution in the form of the Safestrap Watch.

Protects User Privacy and Data

Unlike other processes such as phone or paper-based contact tracing methods, the Safestrap Watch protects user data and puts a premium on security. Combined with its effective health monitoring benefits,’s contact tracing Safestrap Watch has uses well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covers Large Populations

The difficulty of contact tracing is that it has to cover large populations effectively in order to work. The Safestrap Watch is capable of doing this whether in medical centers, homes, offices, or other public centers. It is both a preventative and pre-emptive tool that gives healthcare professionals an edge in combating not only the current pandemic but anything that comes in the future.

Works in Concert with Other Technologies

Working together with other technologies, uses AWS web architecture for zero downtime and offers twenty-four/seven maintenance and support services. In addition to this, it works together with other major technology platforms to deliver necessary and vital information about a user’s health.

Helps Ease the Overwhelming Burden on the Healthcare System

One salient feature of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world is that it is overwhelming even the most well-equipped healthcare systems. From rationing of resources to exhausted staff, the strain on healthcare professionals over the past year is no joke and likely will not abate until effective measures are put into place to control the spread of the disease.

The Safestrap Watch eases the burden on the healthcare system through effective and efficient contact tracing that helps track and trace outbreaks and even potential outbreaks before they happen. Beyond the current pandemic, the watch is an all-in-one healthcare solution for preventing the current COVID-19 pandemic from re-emerging or a new one in the future.

Safestrap Watch – An All-in-One Healthcare Monitoring Solution

The new Safestrap Watch from offers users blood oxygen and body temperature monitoring as well as virus prevention tips, public advisories, and other pertinent information in real-time. Users and healthcare professionals can obtain on-demand readings for ECG, BP, and patient heart rate as well as temperature and Oximeter. Further, the Safestrap Watch is durable and able to weather most conditions as it is built to be both water and dust resistant according to international standards.

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