sn’t the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) triggered multiple public health emergencies? Yes! The crisis had a devastating strike on global education, prompting the closure of all schools worldwide. The schools were suspended in the fear that the children can become the potential carrier for transmitting the virus to the most vulnerable members of their family. Extended home confinement and school closure had a severe impact on the child’s intellectual as well as physical development. As the pandemic continues to progress, the reopening of schools has become the most sensitive and complex issue discussed among the governments. Here comes the elephant in the room on how the process of resuming the schools will be managed? Don’t panic! We have designed an innovative, feature-rich smartwatch which terminates the risk of reigniting the infection.

What is

The safestrap is a wrist-wearable that monitors your vitals at configurable time intervals. It tracks the data of the blood oxygen and body temperature, which are the early warning signs of COVID-19. It has a built-in pulse oximeter and thermometer for self -diagnosis and monitors your vitals in a real-time way.

Apart from tracking blood oxygen and body temperature, it also smartly reads your body vitals adapting you to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Analyses cough pattern and distinguish between a normal and a “viral” cough.
  •  Get on-demand readings for ECG, BP, and Heart Rate.
  • Physical activity tracking features (steps/distance/calories-burnt).
  •  Track the time & quality of your sleep.
  •  Periodic virus-prevention tips and advisories in the mobile app from the server.
  • Connects with healthcare services from the mobile app.
  •  Waterproof & dust resistant (IP68) parts.

How does work in a school setting?

In this battle against the pandemic, the fundamental key is to prevent the spread of the disease by early detection and to have suitable surveillance mechanism to contain the suspected cases.

In educational societies, can be deployed by creating a zone with logical and physical boundaries, and the organization distributes the Safestraps to its members. Every individual will be identified with their Safestrap IDs. All the administrative and teaching staff can pair the watch with their mobile app. For more extensive user group like the students, it gathers data from the Safestraps around and passes the information to the cloud-based command centre. The administrators get notifications when the Command Center (CC) identifies any suspects. They can view the details in the CC dashboard and perform immediate activities like preventing the suspects from entering the physical areas. Additionally, the admins can send links to self-quarantine advisories, follow-up with them on healthcare services. offers managed services and support to help your organization admins to install safe zone ai efficiently and effectively. For more information, please visit

The main virtues of safe zone ai to provide a smart healthcare solution to all the socially active organizations as well as those in-home quarantines. Safestrap has extended its shoulders to take up the mammoth task in helping the school authorities monitor the health of their students and staff in this pandemic. Shutting down the schools along with social isolation from friends and teachers had taken a psychological toll on the students. Schools not only support the educational development of children but also impact their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

Now, schools can reopen their doors to the children trusting the dynamic features of the in early detection and isolation of the individuals, thereby safeguarding all the members in the institution. In these unprecedented times, assures a primary shield of protection by setting a safe boundary against the virus. Let us all join our hands with to combat this pandemic and kickstart our normal life.

Healthy citizens, healthy future!

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