With the new Safestrap by Safezone.ai you can confidently open your business amidst the pandemic

With the easing of restrictions in some sectors a deep sigh of, albeit hesitant, relief resounds around the world. But vigilance of safety measures and preventative steps is still crucial. The new development by Safezone.ai allows you to confidently open your doors knowing that the ground-breaking technology is monitoring the safety of your employees, students or officials.

This first-of-its-kind platform for keeping track of vital signs and fighting the pandemic offers you the perfect solution for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace and boosting productivity. The Safestrap watches out for fever, low oxygen levels, blood pressure, respiratory levels and COVID coughs.

This data is sent to a zonal command centre in real-time and provides the zonal administrators with critical data that enables them to take preventative steps and maintain a safe and healthy ecosystem.

In a corporate setting Safezone.ai detects employee symptoms and informs nearby colleagues when to maintain social distance of possible COVID-19 suspects. In the healthcare sector the technology can remotely monitors patients before and after discharge. The Safestrap is also ideal for government agencies where the command centre can detect and pre-empt the entries of possible carriers. Safezone.ai’s platform is perfect for an educational setting. The Safestrap can monitor students at school and transmit that information to the data command centre where parents can stay informed and take the necessary steps in the case of an anomaly.

The Safestrap also eliminates privacy concerns as no personal data is stored or shared apart from generic IDs. The Safestrap is FCC certified and HIPPA compliant.

This innovation means that you can be assured of the safety of your workplace whilst ensuring productivity. The Safestrap instils confidence, saves lives and brings about faster recovery to the economy for all of us. Creating a safe and healthy workplace has never been easier with one tool that keeps track of it all. The safety of your institution is not only in your hands, but it can be your wrist.

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