The new Safestrap by puts your health and safety in your hands.

Are you struggling to keep track of the vital signs you need to monitor to check your COVID-19 status? To keep record of your temperature, blood oxygen level, six-feet distance and whether a cough is just a scratch in your throat or a possible infection can be overwhelming.

Moreover, the tools needed to consistently measure these vital signs are not necessarily easy to carry around with you all the time. With’s new Safestrap you can carry all these tools on your wrist.

The Safestrap monitors for fever, low oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory levels and even has a cough detection feature. What’s even more convenient is that it monitors all this without you even noticing or having to do anything except wear the sleek designed, comfortable smart watch.

The mobile app that connects to the Safestrap ensures easy navigation and explanations of your vital signs, when you should be quarantined and when to alert others of symptoms. Your vital signs are measured every 10 minutes and you can easily keep track of your health using the mobile app.

Wearing the Safestrap does not mean giving up on essential smart watch features as it also has multiple sport modes, monitors sleep, has automatic call directing and is even waterproof.

The Safestrap’s contact tracing, social distancing and analytical notification mechanism can alert you of high-risk areas. There’s also no need to carry a tape measure with you to calculate that six-feet distance. The Safestrap and mobile app vibrates when possible COVID-19 carriers come close and you will be notified to maintain distance. It’s time to put away that rucksack of tools you’ve been carrying around to monitor your health and get the one tool that does it all for you. With the Safestrap your safety is not only in your hands, but on your wrist.

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