Use the new Safestrap by to stay ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts tell us that one of the keys to beating COVID-19 is early detection of the virus in your system. This can sometimes be tricky, from consistently keeping track of your vital signs to queuing for hours to get a COVID test.

The new development by takes away this stress by digitally recording vital signs responsible for COVID-19 and other diseases and can indicate symptom information earlier than a COVID test.

The Safestrap by has an alerting system for real-time monitoring and disease detection by keeping track of your body temperature, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, activity, sleep and cough detection. By providing solutions for contact tracing, social distancing and providing health services where anomalies are identified the Safestrap is an ideal product for educational institutions, corporates, government agencies and health institutions.

For your convenience, the Safestrap measures your body temperature every 10 minutes without you even noticing it. A fever is one of the most common parameters to monitor but can often be tricky and disruptive to consistently manually keep track of. The automated system by provides a trouble-free solution.

Another vital sign that’s critical to monitor for staying ahead of the virus is blood oxygen level. The process of regularly monitoring this can be burdensome at times. The Safestrap keeps track of your blood oxygen level automatically. A drop in blood oxygen level can be a significant sign of someone who contracted the virus and this syndromic pattern can even be noticed in asymptomatic patients. Just another way that the Safestrap is keeping you ahead of the curve.

The cough detection feature of the Safestrap takes away the doubt of whether your cough is just a scratchy throat or an infection. This silent feature detects lung infection and will notify you regarding the infection’s probability of COVID-19.

The Safestrap by can help prevent a surge in cases through early detection of possible cases and allowing you to make informed preventative decisions based on real-time data.

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