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Why Digital Stethoscope?

The Smart Digital Stethoscope SAFEZ-Smartho  is a specialized auxiliary device intended for medical diagnostic use in respiratory diseases such as pediatric pneumonia, child asthma, elderly bronchitis etc.

—The Smallest, Versatile, Most Intelligent and Powerful Electronic Stethoscope .

Listen to heart, lung and other body sounds with over 100X amplification, stunning clarity and depth of sound. It allows record the auscultation for the diagnosis follow-up,unlike any other electronic stethoscope.


SAFEZ-Smartho Intelligent Stethoscope Specifications
Stethoscope Size Diameter: 58mm, Height: 78mm
Storage  Environment 55℃;RH≤80%
Battery 3.7V Lithium Battery
Charger DC 5V 1A
Battery Life More than 600 times charges
Battery Stand-by 180 hours
Working model Continuous
Signal Sensitivity 4mV/Pa
Noise Reducing -35dB
Liquid Protection Classification Standard
Working Frequency 20Hz — 3Kz
Volume Normal: 60dB;

Max: 110dB;

4 levels adjustable

Playback Normal Speed and Half-speed playback
Communication BLE 4.0


Data Collection: STETHSCOPE was adopted for clinical trials by the top institutes in which specializes in pediatric pneumonia diagnosis. 1000 patients’ data has been collected, which will be used for Al training to achieve a good accuracy.

We are establishing a database for various types of illnesses, for identifying the typical cardiopulmonary disorder through disease recognition algorithm, and with the diagnosis software to help doctors make the diagnosis. The latter products can be broadened to end-users, so that ordinary people can also take some pre-diagnosis with a stethoscope.


The Smart Stethoscope integrates weak signal detection technology, acoustic signal analysis technology and artificial intelligent technology into one device, all of these improve Smartho’s diagnostic capabilities significantly, hence reduce the rely on doctors for early-stage diagnosis of any respiratory diseases.

Adopt Advanced Artificial Intelligence    Unsupervised Learning: Clustering,

Independent Component Analysis Etc.

Weak Signal Detection Traditional and emerging solutions, Linear and non-linear methods.

Acoustic Signal Analysis

Modulation, Resonators, Reverse Smartho2, Active Noise Control etc.

Our stethoscope adopts piezoelectric sensor. The signal collected by the sensor will be transferred to ADC (analog digital converter) by adjusting the circuit.  The processor will control the ADC to complete the collection of signals, then complete the algorithm of reducing noises. Finally optimized signal will be transferred to the cell phone via Blue Tooth   At the same time, our processor controls the buttons, display screen and charging parts.

Cloud Storage

  1. Cloud support for users.
    Complete patients’ records improve diagnose accuracy.
    3. Precision medical treatment
    4. Future medical research support


Visual Diagnosis

  1. Real-time audio curve display
    2. Audio record multiple functions (forward, backward slow down etc.)
    3. Smart print supported

Community Service

  1. Online diagnosis
    2. Medical advice and treatment follow up
    3. Local medical community allow convenient treatment and faster emergency response

Introduction of Smartho

Smartho can be used to monitor cardiac sounds and pulmonary sounds. All cardiopulmonary signals can be recorded and traced back. Smartho can monitor and display heart and lung parameters such as heart rate. Our health team has built cardiopulmonary database, which allows Smartho provides AI diagnosis support for some cardiopulmonary diseases such as pediatric pneumonia, asthma etc.


• 1.3 inch OLED display.

• 24 hrs*4 days of continuous use per charge.

• Both Bell and diaphragm mode optional, suitable for both cardiac auscultation and lung auscultation.

• Real-time transmission via Blue Tooth for wireless Mobile App or PC connection.

• 100x audio amplification.

• AEC iSteso noise reduction technology to realize 80% noise cancelling performance.

• Comfortable with skin-friendly medical level silicone material.

• 10 volume levels for listening comfort.

• 10 brightness levels display.

• Real-time waveform display of auscultation signal

  • Free mobile app can be used in mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., with Android version released already, IOS version will be recently released.
  • Paid PC-terminal software can help doctors to manage auscultation signals, symptoms annotation, disease analysis and auxiliary diagnosis, with rapid formation of auscultation medical records and printing auscultation report available. Export or share auscultation signal via email.
  • Access to the cloud database directly through the APP, upload local data, or download the data from the database. Firmware can be upgraded through the APP to get the latest function in time.