Safezone Plus Smart Watch From SafeZone Inc


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The Platform helps organizations, big or small, keep vigilance over Coronavirus suspects and provides zonal safety. By design, all the features serve your needs to have a surveillance mechanism that enables the safety of your workforce.

A unique Innovative PANDEMIC Solution

·  Detect CORONA/Influenza 5 Days Before you feel it

·  Get Informed About Near By Virus Infected users

·  Contact Tracing using AI /ML powered Algorithms

·   Monitor Temperature, Oximeter, Respiratory, BPM

·   This solution doesn’t Need HIPPA compliance


Body temperature, ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, multi exercise mode, Health care function

Main Feature: Detect Covid Symptoms , lungs in efficiency 4 or 5 days before user physically feels it.

Temperature monitoring function,ECG function Health monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen Environmental protection TPU strap, no sense of wearing. HD resolution 1.08 color screen, dynamic and simple UI interface. Multi Sport mode (running, cycling, swimming, badminton).Sleep monitoring. Global font content push, Turn over the wrist and light up the screen automatically USB plug and play charging(without data cable)



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