Tamper proof prisoner tracker watch 4g


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The watch could be used to monitoring and managing the pretrial –released defendants, Bailed Defendants, Parolees and Prisoners

1. Being suitable for Global 4G,3G and 2G network in worldwide.
2. Supporting GPS, AGPS, LBS and Wifi for outdoor and indoor precise tracking.
3. Supporting alert of tamperproof, geofence, offline, low battery and SOS.
4. IP68 waterproof for swimming and taking shower with room temperature water.

Functions Details Optional
Realtime tracking GPS+WiFi+LBS+BDS+AGPS indoor and outdoor tracking Supported
Tamperproof Send alert to the tracking server when the strap is open Supported
Waterproof IP68 Supported
Geofence alert Send alert to the tracking server when the watch enter/out of the Geofence arrange Supported
Low battery alert Send alert to the tracking server when the battery is less than 5% Supported
One touch SOS alert Send GPRS alert with location data to the tracking system Supported
Graphic report Alarm reports Supported
Text push Push the text message from the tracking server and show on the watch screen Supported
Health Monitoring Heart rate / Temperature Monitoring Optional
Network Support 4G/3G/2G Supported

Web based tracking system

Geo fence
Portable charger
Geo Tracked and Activity monitors
Temperature Detection
Application Scenarios
1. Bailed Defendants
2. Parolees
3. Prison management
4. Released Defendants