Are you scared of the pandemic? Do you spend a lot of your time checking for your Covid symptoms such as oxygen level, blood pressure, etc.? Are you looking for a solution that helps you in monitoring all your Covid symptoms?

You don’t need to worry now; has brought a solution for you. presents safestrap, which is a safe smartwatch containing numerous features that can assist you in monitoring your Covid symptoms.

SafeWatch Features

The main features of safestrap include monitors for:

  • Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Covid Cough Detection
  • Heart Rate Monitor (ECG)
  • Cough Detection
  • Temperature
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Detects Activity
  • Respiratory Rate

This watch has been developed using advanced artificial intelligence. It can be used for 5 to 10 days and recharge it using a USB plug and play. You can pair it with a mobile app and activate email verification, which is available for Android and IOS. When you wear the safestrap, it collects the health essentials of a person and uploads the data every 10 minutes to the server. It also sends a notification if your blood pressure, body temperature, and oxygen level exceed the limit so that you can take preventive measures immediately. Safestrap tells you about your health and sends you a warning notification when you are standing too close to someone; thereby, you can maintain social distancing. Further, it warns you if someone around you has any Covid symptom, thus allowing you to take preventative measures.

It’s also beneficial for government agencies where it helps in tracking the data of all the frontline health workers at the data center. It can reduce the rush in cases by informing prior about the possible causes and making knowledgeable decisions.

How SafeWatch is a Great Solution in the Current Situation?

As we have already mentioned the chief features of safestrap, you can know how useful it could be during this pandemic. Many smartwatches were used in China to monitor body temperature. However, safestrap is more valuable than those because it not only monitors temperatures but also keeps a check about your cough, oxygen level, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Safestrap can be proved useful for people at any age, from kids to elders. It can help parents keep track of their kids’ health by monitoring their kids centrally using the command center, thus leading to the reopening of the institutions. Safe smartwatch proves a great solution in the current situation where businesses are stopped, and people are locked in their houses. It can also help detect disease in different domains like corporate, government agencies, health, and educational institutions. Safestrap will help people in moving out from their houses and following all the sops of Covid. It helps people take precautions, keep a record of their health, and notify them if there is an issue. Thus, they can take immediate protection. Further, it also informs you about the non-watch users.

Final Words

Safestrap is a perfect solution during this pandemic that helps people in taking precautions against the disease. Though the Covid vaccine is available in the market still there are some ambiguities; the vaccine can have side effects as it hasn’t been checked for long-term health effects yet. Therefore, safestrap helps people take care of their family, safeguards them, and allows them to take immediate precautions at an early stage. By using command center, it can aid in keeping track of the employees in different institutions.

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