The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way governments, businesses, institutions, and healthcare professionals, among others, approach disease management and containment strategies.

At the forefront of technological developments in this area,’s new Safestrap Watch provides all of the above with a workable solution to meet the rising challenges of the novel coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Designed with the end-user in mind and technologically optimized to meet the diverse and varied needs of healthcare professionals and others, the Safestrap Watch provides seven revolutionary benefitsthat automate contact tracing in an effective and almost limitlessly scalable way.

Actionable Data and Analytics

Because of its constant monitoring in real-time, the Safestrap Watch provides administrators and users with actionable data and analytics from which they can make future planning and strategic decisions.

Real-Time Monitoring

Beyond simply giving a history of data points, the watch from also provides real-time monitoring in order to give all involved the ability to take action immediately if certain conditions arise.

User Security and Information uses only the best standards for user security and privacy thus giving institutions and end-users peace of mind when wearing the Safestrap Watch for contact tracing and health-monitoring purposes.

Durable Devices

Built according to international standards for dust and waterproofing, the Safestrap Watch is capable of withstanding multiple usage scenarios that are common to most users. Unlike many other sophisticated devices in this area, Safestrap Watch provides wearers with a level of comfort and durability that helps it provide effective health monitoring without requiring a change in lifestyle or habits.

A Chronological History of Relevant Data

The watch’s real-time monitoring abilities allow it to compile patient data over time thus giving healthcare providers a chronological readout of vital information. This way healthcare specialists and professionals can make informed decisions using relevant data points.

Improved Community Safety and Security

The advantages of automated contact tracing are many but among the top reasons for its implementation is that it provides community-wide safety and security now and into the future. The Safestrap Watch is a comprehensive solution for health monitoring and users report peace of mind as well as an increased likelihood of resuming normal activities. While the world may never be the same after the novel coronavirus pandemic, solutions like the Safestrap Watch from enable automated contact tracing that can help us all return back to some sense of normal.

Totally Integrated Technology Solution

Integrated to work with all major technology platforms, has made sure that their Safestrap Watch caters to all necessary user bases. Thanks to its constant monitoring and 24/7 support, Safestrap Watch’s Safezone technology offers a holistic solution for monitoring and tracking COVID symptoms as well as AI-powered algorithms for effective and optimized contact tracing. Essential monitors like Oximeters, respiratory ratio, BPM, body temperature, and more are also monitored in addition to a cough detector. Best of all is that the Safestrap Watch improves itself over time using an artificial intelligence deep learning model.


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