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  • Continuous remote monitoring of patient vital signs including ECG trace and SpO2 easily can Detect AFIB symptoms
  • Get alerts when BP drops
  • AI /ML powered Algorithms
  • Monitor Temperature, Oximeter, Respiratory, BPM
  • Doctors can Monitor Heart arrhythmias Remotely Using our Digital Stethoscope
  • FitRing is an innovation from Safezone like never before for fatigue Calculation
  • Elderly Care using our Fall Detection and Personal Care services

Our Your Safety is in Your Hands!

Safezone Bio Plus EKG

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness


Elderly Fall Detection & SOS

Introducing The SAFEZONE.AI Platform

The is subsidiary of Ameritech Global Inc, The Platform helps organizations, big or small, keep vigilance over health & Wellness and safety. By design, all the features serve your needs to have a surveillance mechanism that enables the health of your workforce

Our bodies have “baseline vital signs”- is the only Wellness Watch that checks and tracks blood oxygen levels, heartrate, breaths per minute, temperature, and blood pressure every 10 minutes.

When offices, sports teams, classes and businesses all wear a SafeZone Wellness Watch, potential health risks can be shared in real time

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SAFEZONE.AI Industries

Serve your needs to have a surveillance mechanism that enables the safety of your workforce

Educational Institutions

Health Institutions

Government Agencies



Coorporate components that work together in reducing the Health & Wellness risks


Social Gateways

Command Center

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